Thursday, September 18, 2014

Halloween Fabric

Halloween Candy Corny by TRGatesArt
These are some of Halloween my designs available on fabric through Spoonflower.

Excuse the wrinkles in some. Also, the colors from the camera seem muted online for some reason. Each of these designs can be printed on the many different kind of fabrics offered through Spoonflower.

In the photos:

"Halloween Candy Corny" and "Halloween Pumpkin Faces" were printed on Premium Quilting Weight Kona 100% cotton.

"Halloween Spooky Tree" was printed on Eco Canvas, 100% polyester canvas with 45% recycled content. 

"Halloween Spooky Moon" was printed on Performance Piqué. This is 100% polyester fabric with moisture-wicking, soil release finish. There is a 50% cross-grain stretch with this fabric. It's silky and somewhat shiny.

Halloween Pumpkin Faces

Halloween Spooky Moon
Halloween Spooky Tree
In order to be sure you'll get these in time for Halloween, you'll need to order at least 2 weeks ahead of time through my Spoonflower shop at:


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Getting into the Halloween Spirit
Ghostly Earrings by TRGatesArt
Yes, I know. It's still September. We haven't reached the first day of Autumn yet, even if we are having 40°F in the morning and 70°F in the afternoon. But, don't tell that to my daughter. She's almost finished making costumes for her family with the sewing machine my husband and I bought her for her birthday.

Still, I thought I should get a jump start on my Halloween crafts before the season sweeps on by like it did last year and the year before.

I love earrings, but don't really have any Halloween ones other than a pair of black widow spiders I bought years ago. So, I got out my polymer clay and made some ghost and pumpkin earrings.

They came out so cute, I made more.
Great Pumpkin Earrings by TRGatesArt

These are made from polymer clay. Then sealed and shined with Renaissance wax. The Ghost earrings have black hooks, while the pumpkins have copper hooks. The hooks can be exchanged for silver toned, or gold toned clip-ons if preferred.

Both pairs are up for sale for $12 (plus S&H) each in my online shop at:

Look for more fall items to be listed soon. Hey, it's never too early for Halloween!

-- Trace