Thursday, March 01, 2012

Fine Art America Prints Part 1

I few posts back I mentioned opening an account at Fine Art America and adding some of my art to be made into prints and canvas. Last Friday, I ordered four prints - two of my "Sharing with a Friend" painting and two of my "Magical Moonlight" painting. All in varying sizes and papers.

Even though on the site it said that all four would be shipped rolled in a tube, they arrived today in a large, flat box (which I prefer). Shipping for all of this was around $13 USD through FedEx. Each print was separated from the other with wax paper. The entire group protected by two pieces of thick cardboard taped together, another piece of cardboard securing them and all of this wrapped in enough bubble wrap to secure it in the box. Yes, my prints were well packaged.

I decided to buy two prints, 9" x 12", on glossy canvas. I chose rolled canvas rather than having it stretched on wooden bars. While they also sell frames and mats for your prints and canvas, I decided against having this done this time around.

Here are photos of the 9" x 12" canvas prints:

"Sharing with a Friend" on glossy canvas.

Close up of "Sharing with a Friend" on glossy canvas.

"Magical Moonlight" on glossy canvas.

As you can see, they both came with a wide white border. I have to say I like the texture of the canvas. Both prints came out very close on color to the original. Magical Moonlight measures exactly 9" x 12" (not including the white border) and because of it being digital art on canvas, seems slightly softer than the original. Sharing with a Friend measures near 9.5" by 12" (excluding white border) due to uploading it at an unusual size. The over all print is vibrant.

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Fine Art America Prints Part 2

Since "Sharing with a Friend" was originally created with watercolors on illustration board, I decided to order a print of it on watercolor paper at the same size as the original.

"Sharing with a Friend" 11" x 14" print on watercolor paper
As you can see in the photo, this is a stiffer paper with a little curl, which can be remedied by putting it behind a mat, or glass. Of the two prints I bought for this artwork, I like this one the most. It is near identical to the original, slightly brighter, but with the added watercolor paper texture (as seen in the close up below). The details are clear and crisp. I'm highly pleased with how this one turned out.

Close up of "Sharing with a Friend" print on watercolor paper.

Last, but definitely not least, is the second print of Magical Moonlight. This one came out so beautiful. The photos of it do not do it justice.

"Magical Moonlight" 16" x 12" on Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper.

It was printed on Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper. The colors are rich, vivid. The paper itself is extra glossy. The moon and fairy dust really stand out. I'd say they almost glow. You can't tell by my photo, but the whites are brilliantly white. It's really a beautiful print. This one is my favorite of all four print papers/canvas.

All in all, I'm impressed by the prints by Fine Art America and feel they are a great option for prints. I plan to try out their acrylic prints and gallery wrap canvas soon. I encourage artists - traditional, digital, photography - to try them. As long as you have a high resolution photo of your art you won't be disappointed.

While you're at it, please check out my artwork through them at: Tracey R Gates Fine Art


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