Monday, February 02, 2009

My 500 page Suede Journal

I've always wanted a thick, tome-like journal, but could never find one I liked that didn't cost an arm and a leg to purchase. So, since I've been playing around with bookbinding, I thought I'd try to make myself one.

Here it is so far. It has 500 hand stitched pages. The cover is made from sage green dyed lambskin with a raised frame in the middle of the front. It has darker green paper for inside the front and back covers. The overall size is 7" x 8.5". A little smaller than I really want, but good enough for this every day journal.

With this being my first attempt at making such a journal I made mistakes. First, because I really wanted to get it done to use it, I forgot to add in hand sewn headbands and a bookmark ribbon. I think I can still do it though. The paper is not glued to the spine. Second, I used mat board for the hardcover. It's ok, but not great. Even though this morning it seems to be a lot stiffer now that the glue dried, I'll have to find some bookbinding board next time. And last, I need to find a better way to even out the ends of the paper on a 500 page stack. Cutting it with a ruler and Xacto knife wasn't as clean as it is with smaller journals. But good enough for a book I'll use. I used a lot of rubber cement to attach the cover too. I've never used the stuff before. It dries fast. A little too fast sometimes.

All in all, I love my new journal. I'm already starting on another one with less pages. Now, where is that tutorial on how to make book headbands? Hmm


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