Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Delight Bird Mug Rug

A rug for your mug and a snack. Genius!
Have you heard of Mug Rugs? I hadn't, until recently. They're bigger than a drink coaster, but smaller than a placemat. Mug rugs are the perfect size to rest a teacup, or mug and a snack on them. Cleanup is easy since most are machine washable. I like the idea of having these for when my granddaughters come over and have snack time.

Best of all, they're a great way to use up my mound of fabric scraps. Okay, I confess. It's now more of a mountain. Everest comes to mind. I can't see throwing away any piece of fabric. It seems so wasteful when I can use it down to an inch in size. That being so, I need more projects in order to get that mountain back to mound status.

So, pictured above is my first mug rug. It measures 6" x 10". I just love the bird fabric. It's background is covered in words of encouragement.

Words of encouragement grace this lovely fabric.

The fabric is 100% cotton. There is a top layer, batting in between and a bottom layer that matches the denim patterned fabric on the top. For a little more detail, I made an applique similar to the printed bird and placed it on the right.

A little close-up of the applique bird.

This was a lot of fun to make. I have plenty of ideas for more.

Delight Bird Mug Rug by trgatesart. 6"x10"

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